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Html To WordPress

In case you are still using the old static HTML website, we can convert your site to a fully functional WordPress CMS site with the help of our Eaks Technologies experts and make you stay ahead of your competitors. With the WordPress website, you will be able to manage and update the content on website at ease and that too at minimum cost.

Transforming the flat pages by injecting a greater degree of verve and flexibility, the HTML to WordPress theme conversion services of Eaks Technologies seamlessly weave quality with practicability. The WordPress developers at Eaks Technologies have the experience in creating solutions that increase the certainty of your business and manage to create some extraordinary opportunities for growth and betterment. While converting your existing HTML site to WordPress, we guarantee cross-platform compatibility, irrespective of which browsers or devices your website is being accessed on. Each conversion is carried out by the hand-coded process, ensuring that the quality is concentrated right from the molecular level.

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management system based on MySQL / PHP. Several personal websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums, online communities and networks have installed WordPress for stability, easy usage and flexibility.

Why you should consider converting your existing static html website to a dynamic wordpress website!

Advantages of WordPress Dynamic Website:

  • Being open source tool, WordPress makes it easy to change content.
  • Blogging made easier with WordPress
  • You can get a great new look with WordPress Themes
  • Edit , Change and or Delete website menu, content pages, images and much more
  • Easy change of modules
  • Possible to assign different looks / themes for various pages
  • Using WordPress user management you can provide different users with different privileges
  • You can change the complete look and feel of your website by changing wordpress themes

Disadvantage of html (static) website

  • You cannot change the content of your website easily
  • To change the content of pages you need to know html or you need to go through higher professional service
  • Editing of  content takes more time and more money ( if you are not doing it yourself)
  • You cannot add new content, menu items or changing positions of the particular section. Sometimes you need to redesign page for this!
  • To change look and feel of your website, you need to redesign your website.
  • Dynamic features like log in, forms for collecting information from users/client , newsletter, social media integration  etc. are not available

So convert your html to wordpress right now, and make your website dynamic. This will increase website traffic of your website and improve your search engine rankings.

What is included in our HTML to WordPress Conversion Service

  • Just provide us html page or ftp details of your existing website. We will do all the hard work for you and convert your html website to wordpress.
  • We will configure your new wordpress website similar to your existing html site.
  1. Contact us page
  2. Search engine (SEO) friendly url
  3. We will optimize your site for search engine
  4. Dynamic Sitemap
  5. Random images module for displaying your products images
  6. Shopping cart integration on demand (will be charged separately see our ecommerce services page)
  7. Dynamic menu ( you can add new menu items yourself )
  8. Support via text chat, email, pdf tutorials with images.
  • If your current web host is not supporting php and mysql which is needed for dynamic wordpress cms website, we will provide you web space to host your new wordpress website. We will also provide you professional suggestion for buying or upgrading the web host to support your wordpress website hosting.

So, now it ‘s a great idea migrating from HTML to WordPress to achieve maximum potential of your site. All you need to do is provide us with the details of your website